Learning and helpful material that is suitable for child’s stages of development

Children’s development is a complete package of physical, psychological and emotional changes occurring on the birth of a child until it reaches adolescence. Their developmental stages in life are progressing and affected by their environment. Our parents who used to be our guardian are our great influence of how we become developed. The childcare environment where the child revolves accounted for some changes that occur in every child. It affects the child on how he sees things on his surroundings. Their psychological development is seeing them how to react on their stressors. It is the stage where differences are visible. It is a very important thing to get in touch with the behavior of the child. Understanding their developmental stages in relation to their age is a very vital thing that guardians, parents and even teachers should be aware of.

Parents could be the best image that the child would want to follow. They are looking up to how their parents care for them and how parents act at home. They are the best persons who can influence children since children look up to them. Play has a great role in child’s development. Through playing, they are able to express their feelings and emotions. They learn how to socialize with their playmates through sharing their toys and doing role playing sometimes. Encouraging them to play is one of the best ways to understand their behavior.

In getting educational care center facility, it is important to check if their teacher and aid in the classroom are all equipped with knowledge on how to mold every kid and to create a more interesting and colorful environment for themselves. Their skills in guiding and supporting kids in large numbers could be sufficient enough to cater them. Since other kids are territorial and possessive in nature, they should look more often to them because they are the one who are prone of grabbing anything else from the others. Drawing out those shy kids to come out from their own shells, encouraging them to speak freely and to express their feelings could help kids to develop self-esteem. As a teacher, you have to assess them in their development. Parents are also expecting the help from their child mentors in school to take collaboration in molding children into a better one. Appreciation is one thing that will give them encouragement and confidence. Reward system can be a very effective tool to teach kids how to do good things in school and at home. A simple stars to show them how they good they are in one thing could create a positive mind set for them that he should do good all the times to get more stars.

Parent’s understanding with the developmental stage of children could help parents in providing the structure that will help them to provide what the child needs on specific age. Like a 2-year old kid in which you start showing a particular picture which he usually sees or very familiar to him. Let him touch and tell a good and simple story about it and you can see that he will remember it and it will be retain in his memory. You can never present a complicated illustration to a 2-year old kid and encourage them to say something correctly about it. It is always see the relevance of the learning materials to every stage of development. Caring about children would need a whole bunch of patience and understanding. If you wish to know more about how to manage children’s behavior, St Heliers Childcare Centre.

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